Data Protection Statement

The information that you provide on this proposal form will be forwarded to one or more financial institutions and will be used by them for the purposes of assessing the suitability for you of their finance products, potentially offering you a product or a quote.

As part of this process, credit searches will be made with one or more credit reference agencies, including the Irish Credit Bureau (“ICB”), which will make a record of the search. Details of any agreement you enter into, and your conduct of that agreement, may be shared with the credit reference agencies, ICB and their members.

Searches may also be carried out to verify your identity, and you may be contacted directly (including by telephone) for the purposes of verifying the information on this form. Credit scoring and other automated decision-making process may be used.

By signing or/and submitting this proposal form, I/We authorise Practical Financial Services Limited., its servants and agents to hold and process the personal information contained in this application, together with such other information supplied to or lawfully obtained, on manual and/or computer files.

I/We certify that all information provided on this form is complete and accurate, and I/We consent to the use and disclosure of this information for the purposes set out above. I/We acknowledge that the recipients of this information are authorised to contact me and to disclose any material misstatements of fact on this form to their members and other relevant bodies.

Where the applicant is a limited company or a partnership, we confirm that the directors/partners identified above have given their consent to a credit search being made as detailed above.